corporate kill-mannequin has been directed to investigate bunny! mechanical man of metal and murder has been licensed to ‘explore’ soft and rebellious old creatures hiding in the shadows…will root them out and examine with superlight…will report back to brainius all-father who is in charge of sector 66 of the new earth league of goosestepping swingers and assorted other jackbooted androids and automatons and faceless, heartless, thoroughly modern yet strangely bland pseudo-bipeds who walk through the ruins and debris of previous century, occasionally stooping to pick up curiosities like pieces of shattered imagination, shards of beauty, and fragments of courage, staring at them in uncomprehending horror, and tossing them aside as worthless baubles!
bunny will have another night of tossing in fear of his appointment tomorrow with doctor doom….xrays will be looked at and discussed…doc won’t prescribe antibiotics for chest infection bunny has had since last winter…if googled, this nonsense is explained honestly…superbugs in hostpitals, etc…but doc didn’t tell bunny this, just said bunny doesn’t need penicillin…gave useless nasal spray instead…doctors are elite caste and we are powerless in the face of their tyranny….